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Please consider donating to North Point Reunion.

This group is made up of volunteers who have dedicated themselves to putting together these reunions and the coordinating activities. What you see is a nice website and a coordinated event to attend. What you don't see are the countless hours and individual donations put in behind the scenes to make the event execute without notice.

Meeting rooms, day trips, food...we would love to be able to provide much of this to you, but since we are simply a gathering of veterans, we don't have any membership dues and there is no budget to work with to plan anything. 

100 attendees donating $10 each covers the meeting space large enough to handle all of us.

Feel free to donate what you can as it is all appreciated. All donations received will be used by the Reunion Committee for reunion-related expenses and activities only. We promise complete transparency at all times.

Click on the button to donate or scan the QR Code below to donate directly from your smartphone.
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