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North Point Reunion Orientation



I am Grant Jones. I have volunteered to be the Primary Shepard of organizing this reunion and all related matters. I was stationed at North Point from 1990 to 1992, as a Squad Leader and Platoon Sergeant.

I believe it’s fair to say North Point and those who have served there or at any other nuclear security site share a unique experience that made our comradeship and friendship unlike any other. This is what makes our reunions special beyond a gathering of “war stories”. I am committed to ensuring the coming reunion is worthy of your time, respectful, and appreciative of your dedicated service. Members of other tenant units that were collocated on Kregesfeld Army Depot are welcomed at this reunion.

There are representatives for each platoon with the 558th, and company reps for 619th and 23rd with whom I will collaborate to make this a home run event. There will be fundraising events and activities to offset organizational incurred expenses. I pledge complete transparency of organized activities. All are welcome to participate in the planning and activities toward our collective efforts of making this a smash hit. A homepage for North Point reunion activities has been created. You are welcome to message me on the homepage at any time. I am committed to responding promptly. The city chosen for our reunion was selected via majority votes by your fellow North Point peers and offers a lot of great opportunities.

Questions about the reunion organizational activities and related matters need to be directed to me or one of my team members. Information flow from a singular source lessens the likelihood of confusion and miss information. My dynamic team is Dennis Walters aka “Kerry” and Barbara Dooley aka “Hilton”. Dennis is responsible for creating the North Point Reunion website. Their primary responsibility will be to keep me from screwing this up. Good luck with that!

In closing. I look forward to seeing that each of you are able to make it. Some of us will not know each other and that’s okay. We all know and will be able to share North Point experiences from our own fox holes. Let’s make this the best, most memorable, and enjoyable reunion so much that we can hardly wait for the next one.  Until next time.


Grant Jones

Primary Organizer

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